Tennis Opinions

Has Nadal’s injury opened the door for 4-in-4 for Djokovic

David Moore
In the recent ATP tournament at Indian Wells Nadal again couldn’t take the pain anymore and had to withdraw before the semifinal match against Roger Federer. He has been consistently suffering from it and even during the tournament there were moments where you could see how much he had to...

There’s a Chink in the Djoker’s Armor

David Moore
It might sound a bit weird to call out probably the best tennis player in the world right now after just an off day but there might just be something that would give Novak Djokovic’s rivals like Nadal and Federer a hope for the future. And that hope does stem...

Modern day Tennis needs a Nick Kyrgios

David Moore
It might sound a bit odd to name a player outside of Top-20 in the world to be the savior of modern-day tennis but in the last couple of weeks, that is exactly what Nick Kyrgios has shown. Temperamental, moody, brash and maybe sometimes even disrespectful (ask Nadal) are the terms...