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Hardik comes with a “Handle with care” warning

Charanjot Kohli
One of the highlights of the IPL has been how sensational Hardik Pandya has been for Mumbai Indians. He’s batted tremendously well and contributed whenever and wherever he could with the ball. The kinds of pitches that are on offer have not really deterred him from going after the bowling...

Shubhman Gill: A case of gross mismanagement at KKR

Charanjot Kohli
He looked pale, slightly disinterested but mostly just going through the motions. Shubhman Gill is a bright upcoming talent. We all know that. The sad part is, he knows that as well. And that’s why in the last game that KKR played he didn’t look entirely happy with the proceedings....

Will Sanju Samson Finally make it big?

Charanjot Kohli
It almost pains one to watch Sanju Samson bat in IPL and during his hundred against SRH he would have left many of the viewers with the same feeling. Why the pain you ask? Because he’s that bloody good that while he was batting it didn’t even feel like he...

Welcome Back Mr. Warner

Charanjot Kohli
There were question marks. There was hesitance. There was also a certain degree of curiosity as well. David Warner was back to playing competitive cricket already in all these T20 leagues around the world but how he was going to fare on probably a stage as big as international cricket...

Solving India’s “Dhoni” Conundrum

Charanjot Kohli
It might look like a done deal but the Indian team think-tank would be currently facing a huge conundrum when it comes to deciding the batting lineup because in many ways the batsman that has proven to be an asset for most of the year could prove to be a...